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    Fermedics is a supplier of premium fermented raw materials such as medicinal herbs, mushrooms and prebiotics directed to nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

  • FermagalusTM

    Fermented astragalus

    The most bioactive astragalus by a traditional & controlled lactic acid fermentation.

  • FermericTM

    Fermented turmeric

    The most bioactive turmeric by a unique fermentation process.

  • FermanolideTM

    Fermented ashwagandha

    The most bioactive ashwagandha by a traditional lactic acid fermentation!

  • FerzingerTM

    Fermented ginger

    The most bioactive ginger by a traditional fermentation with Aspergillus oryzae!

  • Ankascin®

    Fermented red rice by monascus purpureus

    The only safe and effective red yeast rice with no  statins or monacolin K. A world first!

  • BerrioticsTM

    Fermented Berries

    Very rich in different types of anthocyanins with the highest bioavailability!

  • FBG22TM

    Fermented black garlic

    Contains at least 10 mg SAC/g by triple fermentation at low temperature. Unique!

  • FermogulanTM

    Fermented jiaogulan

    The most promising ingredient for healthy aging.
    A world first!

  • FibrioticsTM

    Fermented fruits and vegetables

    Innovative prebiotic & anti-inflammatory ingredient for a healthy microbiome!

Fermedics is specialized in the development and distribution of fermented ingredients, obtained by a patented technology!

New ingredient

FermagalusTM: fermented astragalus

FermagalusTM is fermented astragalus, a medicinal herb used in traditional Chinese medicine.

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FermericTM: fermented turmeric

The most bioactive turmeric by a unique fermentation process.

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FBG22TM: fermented black garlic

Our black garlic is triple-fermented at low temperature for no less than 90 days with the best type of garlic, making it one of the best black garlic ingredients in the world! Contains as much as 10 mg SAC/g.

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FermogulanTM: fermented jiaogulan

FermogulanTM, the most promising ingredient for healthy aging. UNIQUE! The first fermented jiaogulan worldwide!

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Why fermentation

The fermentation of foods is an ancient practice that has been performed by humans for thousands of years. Our ancestors fermented food for various reasons as preservation, to improve the taste and to make them more digestible and nutritious.

Many cultures still eat fermented foods, such as Japanese miso, tempeh, and Korean kimchi; but unfortunately, fermented foods have largely disappeared from the Western diet.

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Quality is undoubtedly the number one priority at Fermedics.    

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We were fascinated to see that the bioavailability and efficiency of herbs can be significantly increased by adding the right microorganisms to botanicals during the innovative fermentation process. This could be a breakthrough in herbal medicine.
- Fermedics team -

Fermedics, the specialist in microbial fermentation technology!

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