FerzingerTM: never that cold feeling again!

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Some people never have that cold feeling of hands or feet. Others, on the other hand, can never warm up properly.

There are many possible causes for this cold sensitivity.  There is a genetic factor, gender, the hormonal state, but also poor circulation or poor digestion. So, there are many causes. That is why a solution is not obvious.

In China, it has long been established that ginger can increase the body temperature of the peripheral parts of the body. Now it appears that gingerol is the cause of this effect. Gingerol is the main bioactive component of the ginger root. It is related to capsaicin and piperine that give chilli and black pepper their spiciness. The effect of these spicy substances on body temperature is known.


How can we use fermentation to improve the effectiveness of ginger in raising body temperature?

Dried ginger chips are inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae after sterilisation. After growth with the Aspergillus, the product is sterilised again and transformed into powder. The product is called ‘koji ginga’ in Japan.

Aspergillus oryzae is a fungus that plays an important role in making sake in Japan. It will convert the polysaccharides in rice into simple fermentable sugars. But Aspergillus oryzae is also used to make miso, a soy sauce based on fermented beans.

The fermentation converts part of the spicy 6-gingerol into the less spicy but much more active 6-shogaol.  The concentration of this new metabolite triples. This increases the antioxidant value and antimicrobial activity of the ginger. The antioxidant activity of 6-shogaol occurs at the cellular level. It influences the expression of certain genes that reduce the number of Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS).

Ginger is also effective in reducing inflammation, making it a very interesting herb for treating inflammatory bowel diseases.

Since 6-shogaol is absorbed into the cells, it is interesting to check whether the absorption of glucose is enhanced. And as it turns out, it does. This is probably the main reason why fermented ginger has such a strong influence on the temperature of women’s peripheral skin.


FerzingerTM is fermented ginger.  The fermentation process triples the 6-shogaol content. As a result, the skin temperature in the peripheral organs is greatly increased. Ideal for people with a feeling of cold in their hands and feet.

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