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Fermedics attracts growth capital and strengthens team

Fermentation is nature’s miracle transformation technology for improved bioavailability.

Today, we're excited to announce a new milestone. Fermedics, specialised in the development and distribution of high-quality ingredients obtained through patented plant fermentation technology, has strengthened its capital and has brought additional expertise and knowledge to take science-based fermented ingredients to the next level!

Co-CEO’s and founders of Fermedics, Reinhard Verlinden and Jef Verplaetse, will continue to be part of this journey. Benoit Daems is bringing senior operational/supply chain and business development experience into the company, Lucas Decuypere has in-depth expertise in commercial strategy and marketing, and Piet Van Waes/Tilleghem has broad experience in finance and strategic investments.
Co-CEO Reinhard Verlinden comments: “First of all, I sincerely welcome the new team. I am convinced that the additional capital is an important first step in our strategy to become a leader in the fast-growing segment of science-backed fermented ingredients within the health nutrition market.”
Co-CEO Jef Verplaetse comments: “Any success of a company is the result of the commitment of its people. We brought together a team of top professionals who will definitely lift Fermedics to a new level.“
Benoit Daems states: “Teaming up with Fermedics is an exciting new step. We are eager to start the collaboration, which will provide Fermedics access to new markets and create new business opportunities, while continuing to serve customers with premium service and quality ingredients.”
Lucas Decuypere states: ”The Fermedics business is very international. Hence, communication goes beyond borders and across channels. I see exciting possibilities to improve the positioning in the international markets. My personal belief in innovation and human health makes me very happy to join the team.”
Piet Van Waes states: “As a strategic investor, I am very excited to support any activities, that enhance people’s health and especially in the healthy ageing space.”
Medium-term, Fermedics has ambitions to become the leading player in the fermented ingredients within the health nutrition market. In order to make this possible, the group is supported by growth capital provided by the management and Tilleghem private equity.


Fermedics is a company specialised in the development and distribution of high-quality ingredients obtained by patented fermentation technology from plants.

Fermentation under controlled conditions allows active substances from the plant to become bioactive. In some cases, several fermentation steps with different micro-organisms are used to obtain the desired result. Bioavailability being one of the most important goals.

Fermedics supplies premium fermented raw materials such as botanicals, mushrooms and pre/probiotics to nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Tilleghem is a company that undertakes and invests. It has a primary focus on private equity, taking minority and majority stakes in companies. Tilleghem makes full acquisitions of mature companies (LBOs) as well as supporting companies in need of growth capital.
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