Our organic black garlic is double-fermented at low temperature during 90 days with the best type of garlic, making it one of the best black garlic ingredients in the world!

Contains as much as 22 mg SAC/g

Fermedics offers a fermented black garlic, obtained from fresh garlic (Allium sativum L.) which has been fermented for a certain period at a controlled temperature and humidity.


This black garlic is fermented during a process of several months in two phases. The garlic used is organic. The unique fermentation process results in a very active quality of black garlic. The active substances are organosulfur components and antioxidants. The concentration of S-allyl-cysteine (SAC), one of the organosulfur components, has increased more than tenfold as a result of the fermentation. This is the highest possible level on the market if we speak of a natural process.

The antioxidants are more bioavailable through the fermentation. They are smaller molecules that behave like Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

This fermented black garlic stands out above all other black garlic ingredients due to:

  • adouble fermentation at mild temperature
  • fermentation time between 80 and 90 days what’s exceptional
  • right humidity
  • organic quality
  • the type of garlic (Hardneck Red Russian)
  • highest antioxidant level
  • 22 mg/g SAC, the highest level achieved by a natural process!

Black garlic is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It stimulates the blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. Black garlic also supports healthy immune function, contributes to a healthy liver function and has anti-inflammatory activity (inhibiting chronic inflammation).

Please contact Fermedics and discover all the exceptional properties of this powerful black garlic ingredient. You will be surprised by the possibilities that this ingredient offers you to cardiovascular prevention and other indication areas. <br/>Send your request to