Fermogulan TM

Fermented wild-growing Jiaogulan, the most promising ingredient for healthy aging!

The first fermented wild-growing jiaogulan worldwide!

By fermenting jiaogulan, Fermedics makes the active ingredients of this promising plant bioactive & more easily absorbed and this is unique!

Jiaogulan, one of the most versatile plants on the planet!


Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, known as the immortality herb, is a plant of the cucumber family and is mainly used as an adaptogen, regulator of blood sugar and rejuvenating elixir.

The plant contains a lot of antioxidants, saponins such as gypenosides (mainly dammarane type-triterpene glycosides) & ginsenosides as in panax ginseng and other health-promoting substances such as carotenoids, chlorophyll compounds, glucans, etc. Jiaogulan contains more than 100 types of saponins versus more than 30 in panax ginseng.

Jiaogulan is being upgraded by a patented lactic fermentation process!

Plant fermentation means the following:

  • a traditional, microorganism-controlled pre-treatment process based on herbs.
  • mimicking intestinal flora-mediated biotransformation of herbal components in the intestine

Thus, fermentation makes some of the components such as antioxidants & saponins more bioavailable as the molecules become smaller. Normally this process happens in the gut, but due to the poor condition of our microbiome, the outcome is much less predictable.

The main advantage of fermentation is that a biotransformation of secondary plant substances occurs, whereby active substances such as antioxidants and saponins end up in their bioactive form, which greatly increases their absorption and effect. In addition, new, powerful health-promoting metabolites are formed such as rare ginsenosides (Compound K, Rg3, Rh2)! Therefore, much smaller doses of the fermented product suffice to enjoy the many known and documented long-term health benefits. This greatly reduces the stress on the body.

The most important health benefits comprise antidiabetic activity (improving insulin sensitivity), antioxidant activity, immunomodulatory activity, cardiovascular support, hepatoprotective activity, and antifatigue activity.

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