Spermidine-rich (≥ 1%) fermented wheat germ extract
for healthy aging
*not EU

What is Fermidine™?

Fermidine™ is a highly bioactive spermidine-rich (≥ 1%) wheat germ extract obtained by targeted fermentation. Fermented wheat germ extract is a nutrient dense functional food, with no less than 1% of natural spermidine. Spermidine facilitates the rejuvenation of important portions of our cells and has a global effect on cellular fitness. Tissue spermidine levels decline with age. Spermidine replenishment has antiaging benefits.

The great benefit of targeted fermentation

  • Better absorption of bioactive components
    During fermentation glycosylated wheat germ constituents (e.g. glycosylated quinones, flavonoid glycosides) are converted into bioactive aglycones that are easily absorbed.
  • Significant increase in antioxidant capacity
    Fermentation increases total antioxidant capacity of wheat germ thanks to the release of phenolic compounds, peptides, aglycones etc. Flavonoids are broken down into smaller SODlike substances that are not destroyed in the digestive tract as is the case with oral ingestion of superoxide dismutase (SOD). These antioxidants have a similar function to SOD.
  • Enrichment in spermidine
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Mechanism of action

The main mechanism of spermidine in delaying aging is the induction of autophagy, a regulated process to recycle cellular components.

During the process of autophagy cellular waste is degraded to recycle building blocks required for cellular survival.

Autophagy is also triggered by fasting. That is why spermidine is often called a caloric restriction mimetic. With spermidine, one gets the antiaging benefits of autophagy without fasting.

Spermidine promotes healthy aging

Through induction of autophagy and some autophagy-independent effects (e.g., direct antioxidant function), spermidine positively interferes with several molecular and cellular changes that drive the aging process, as shown in the figure below.


Figure. Effects of spermidine on the hallmarks of aging. Inspired by Hofer SJ et al. Nature Aging 2022; 2:1112-29. HFD: High Fat Diet; mitophagy: removal of aged and damaged mitochondria; proteostasis: homeostasis in the building, folding and turnover of proteins


  1. 1.
    Based on the large amount of scientific evidence, spermidine can be used for healthy aging. However, it is important to ensure that the daily amount of spermidine is sufficiently high to have a health-promoting effect. Most studies have been conducted with a daily dose of spermidine from 1 to 3 mg.
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Health benefits

  1. Preserves telomere length
  2. Reduces acetylation
  3. Induces autophagy
  4. Improves mitochondrial function
  5. Reduces senescence markers
  6. Protects against cognitive decline
  7. Improves memory performance
  8. Influences T cell development and differentiation
  9. Contributes to cancer prevention through increased immunosurveillance

Technical data

Recommended dose
Therapeutic posology: 0.2 – 0.30 g
Preventive posology: 0.1 – 0.15 g
Spermidine-rich fermented wheat germ extract, standardized to > 1 % spermidine
Part Used
Wheat germ
Extract ratio
Beige to light yellow fine powder
Soluble in water
Fermidine™ is a trademark of Fermedics BV.