Naturally sourced, bio-identical GABA
produced by fermentation

Gabarelax™ is 100 % natural and bio-identical GABA produced by a fermentation technology using Lactobacillus hilgardii! This benign bacteria is also used to ferment vegetables, cheese and other traditional foods. Gabarelax™ is managed according to ISO9001, HACCP, ISO22000 and GMP quality management systems.

What is the difference between synthetic GABA and Gabarelax™?

The main advantage of Gabarelax™ is that it is produced naturally, free of chemical substances. It is completely safe with proven efficacy. In contrast to Gabarelax™, synthetic GABA is produced based on various toxic chemicals such as succinimide, piperylurethane and fuming nitric acid that are considered harmful.

What is GABA?

  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a naturally active non-protein amino acid. GABA is widely found in nature, including the mammalian nervous system, botanicals such as tomatoes, grapes, potatoes, and tea, as well as fermented foods such as kimchi and sprouting brown rice, which are also rich in GABA. It plays a fundamental role in regulating the life activities of organisms.
  • GABA is an important neurotransmitter widely distributed throughout the central nervous system. It serves as an essential sedative for the body, helping to combat stress and anxiety.
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Clinical studies show the health benefits of GABA for improving focus, relaxing the body, relieving fatigue and improving sleep. Study with Gabarelax™ (see below) shows that it has a beneficial effect on stress and sleep disorders.

Relax and anti-stress

GABA is the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, which helps prevent nerve cells from firing too often. Over-firing can cause restlessness, irritability and anxiety. As such, GABA has a calming and soothing effect.

Improving mental focus
GABA can promote mental focus by providing a feeling of calm. GABA can also increase glucose phosphatase activity, dilate blood vessels to increase blood flow and reduce blood ammonia, so that vigorous activity of the brain cells can promote the metabolism of the brain tissue, restore function of brain cells, improve brain activity, and enhance memory.

Relieving fatigue

GABA plays an important role in brain functions. It not only regulates cardiovascular and pituitary functions but also modulates renal function. Several studies have reported the effects of GABA on relaxation and fatigue reduction.

Why choose Gabarelax™?

  1. 1.
    100 % natural and bio-identical GABA produced by fermentation
  2. 2.
    Fast-acting effect supported by a clinical study
  3. 3.
    Non-GMO and Kosher and Halal certified (non-animal origin)
  4. 4.
    High purity through advanced manufacturing process, the content of GABA can reach more than 98%
  5. 5.
    High purity managed according to ISO9001, HACCP, ISO22000 and GMP quality management systems, the safety, stability and reliability of Gabarelax™ can be guaranteed
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Health benefits

  1. Anti-stress
  2. Relieves fatigue
  3. Improves sleep
  4. Improves mental focus
  5. Body building and relaxation after exercise
  6. Reduces blood pressure
  7. Prevents skin ageing

Technical data

Common Name
Gabarelax™ - 100 % bio-identical GABA by fermentation
Nutritional supplements and functional food
Recommended dose
150 – 300 mg per day
Gabarelax™ is a trademark of Fermedics BV.