We always strive to further optimize our quality system

Quality first

Quality comes first at Fermedics and is therefore not a special side project. It cannot be separated from our dedication to premium ingredients and high-tech production processes, which makes it a daily concern that we monitor closely.

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Know-how and experience
all the way

Our top quality is based on years of knowledge and experience with controlled fermentation. This is extremely important to ensure a good final product.

It is trendy nowadays to ferment plants with kombucha for a short period of time. But we see it differently. Fermedics is aware that targeted and controlled fermentation is the only way to achieve the desired result. Our fermentation process maximizes the bioavailability of active substances from botanicals.

And this is what we are fully committed to.

Quality thrives in a world of expertise

Purity and safety of ingredients are a top priority

Fermedics adheres to strict global quality standards, starting with the selection of raw materials, bought from quality suppliers worldwide, both pure and sustainable.

Organic and sustainable materials that comply with Fair Trade standards are always the first choice. We use strict testing procedures to ensure the safety and purity of all ingredients used, which are also regularly tested independently in an EU laboratory for heavy metals, pesticides and microbes.

Potency of ingredients

At Fermedics, we believe in the holistic view of herbal medicine and predominantly use the full matrix of the plant. Our fermented ingredients are always the most effective ones. We also conduct regular analyses on our batches to provide our customers with the best possible security.


R&D and production strictly follow certain quality management systems such as cGMP, HACCP, ISO17025 and ISO22000. All these systems contribute to 100% traceability.